Setting up my Saffiano and mini haul

Hey guys! I'm really excited about launching this blog, and since the whole thing was basically born when I decided to set up my brand new Filofax Personal Saffiano, I thought about dedicating the my filofax section to documenting the process of me creating a new planner for myself. I basically plan (and already started to design) to make an entire setup that suits my needs both aesthetically and also is practical for my personal planning. I thought long and hard of what designs to make: I wanted my collection to be pretty, but not necessarily girly, to fit my personality but to also have a theme. This is how The Woodland Collection was born. The official launch of my blog is on the 16th of July, and I'll be putting up a whole bunch of free printables and goodies from my collection, stay tuned.

Until then, I decided that the first "my filofax" post will feature a mini-haul of small goodies for my filofax. Since I don't use washi, what you can see on these pictures, some colored pens and the upcoming colorful inserts are the only thing I use for planning. I'll be putting up a youtube video (that I'll obviously link here too) of my full setup and explain how I organize, what I use etc., when my filofax is ready. Until then, stay tuned for following the tweaks, changes and updates on my planner, don't forget to visit on the 16th:)