Sometimes, a notebook is enough

Hey sweeties! Those of you who've already been snooping around this blog may know that the whole thing came to me as an idea while I started setting up my new filofax from scratch. If you are a fellow planNERD (chances are, if you've visited this blog, that you are:), than you can maybe also relate to the feeling of complete anxiousness when you haven't got a planner set up, or aren't using one because it is not the way you would want it to be. When I first got my brand new Saffiano, I couldn't wait to start setting it up, and although the system and designs of my last planner (a faux filofax) used to work for me, I stopped for a minute to think - do I really want this? Or am I going to change the whole thing again in a month?

That being said, I decided to wait it out, dedicate a little time and effort to figuring out what I really want my planner to have. It's kind of a touchy subject for some, and non-filofaxers will ask you the all time dreaded question: What's the point of having something to organize your time when setting it up takes an insanely amount of time and effort? This may seem as a good point for some, but when you think about it, the obvious best way to plan your life is to have an effective planning tool. And effective, in this case, means something that is designed to work for you, that is created to fit your needs and also your personality. Setting up something so particular and customized does take up time, effort, and of course, money, but in the long run, it has its benefits:

So I am taking my own advice: I'm fine with not having my planner ready and set up just yet. I've been working long and hard on my own inserts and designs, until then, I'm using a trusty old notebook to keep track of my daily to dos. And I'm fine with it. Kinda :D