What is blackforetsdesigns?

The goal:
I've created this platform to share my own designs and printables with other fellow filofaxers and planNERDS :D but to also recieve feedback from all of you. I am very interested in your needs, and I'm determined to make functional but also pretty dsigns that are not currently available on the market. Oh, and did I mention everything is completely free?

The Story:
I've been a planner all my life. From makeshift notebooks from when I was still a kid in school, to ring binders of many kinds, I finally arrived to love and afford a filofax, and all that comes with owning one. I ditched my last trusty faux filofax (insert video link here) when my aqua saffiano arrived to my door. I've been dreaming about setting in up ever since, and the time has now arrived!

Like every self-procaimed filofaxer, I not only have a separate channel on youtube for filofax setups and decorations, I also follow numerous groups on facebook and have a pinterest board to gather inspiration for my own designs. I, howeverm found myself in a peculiar situation whilst looking at other people's designs, layouts and setups. I loved them, loved looking at them, and they made me want to copy the hell out of them, despite the fact that it meant ditching the printables and setup I already had. But they didn't work. They didn't feel like mine, and I started to feel lost between the crazy designs that didn't match anymore, the tens of pages I printed out and never used, and it felt like I was missing something. I came to love filofax for a very good reason: it was finally a planner that made me feel free, it let me do anything with it, I could be myself in my filofax. So I decided to scroll down the numerous pinterest boards on filofax printables, setups, decorations, ideas and other goodies, and promised myself I'll only pin the ones that I genuinly think I'll get a use out of. And that's how it came together: gathering inspiration and getting to know peoples needs first hand, I started not only to make a whole package of inserts and dividers for my saffiano, but to also make cute and quirky goodies for others to enjoy, and this blog for me to share my stuff with you.